Thoughtful Aftercare Measures Can Help Your Gums Heal After a Tooth Extraction

A severe dental fracture or a tooth suffering from an untreated cavity can cause significant distress and discomfort. In some of these cases Dr. Sean P Avera might be able to treat the distressed tooth with a root canal. However, if the tooth has been severely compromised or a large infection has developed in the gums Dr. Sean P Avera might recommend extracting the tooth. This will help ease the pain and prevent a dangerous infection from passing into your bloodstream.

If Dr. Sean P Avera recommends full sedation for the dental extraction you will need to arrange for a ride home while your senses clear. Dr. Sean P Avera might also provide you with a prescription for pain management medication or a course of antibiotics. These medications will need to be taken as directed for maximum effect.

As your gums continue to heal, it’s best to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. If possible, try to choose soft foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, pasta, and yogurt. When drinking it’s best to avoid using a straw as the suction could pull harm the tender extraction site.

If you use tobacco products, you might want to see this as an opportunity to embrace cessation. The heat, tar, and other chemicals introduced to your mouth could delay the healing process and potentially cause a periodontal infection.

Once your gums have fully healed, Dr. Sean P Avera can help you decide if you would like to restore the tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge. If you live in the Auburn, California, area and you have a severely compromised tooth, you should call 530-885-0953 to seek treatment at Sean P Avera DDS Inc.

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