Crown Lengthening 101

What is crown lengthening? It is a common procedure where your surgeon removes either gum tissue, bone or even both to expose more of the tooth. This is typically done when a tooth needs to be fixed and local anesthesia is used. Our dental professionals here at Sean P Avera DDS Inc. are prepared to ease your discomfort and provide the right treatment for you and your teeth.

When your crown is lengthened, it’s usually in preparation for a fix such as a filling or crown placement. Sometimes this happens when a tooth breaks off at the gum line, or when a filling or crown falls out due to decay underneath.

You will first visit your periodontist, review your medical history and x-rays, and set a date for surgery. Sometimes you will need a tooth cleaning before surgery. A temporary crown may be placed while your periodontist determines how much bone or soft tissue to remove and how many teeth are involved.

Your periodontist will then make cuts to pull gums away from the teeth, exposing roots and bone surrounding the tooth. He only cuts as much is needed for a crown or filling. It is then washed with hygienic salt water, stitched, and bandaged.

You will then be given all the information for proper care (eating a soft diet, brushing near the stitches, avoiding the gums, and removing food particles softly with a toothpick or water irrigator) and include prescriptions for pain and mouth rinse. Use ice on the surgery side of the face to reduce swelling. In seven to ten days, the stitches will be taken out, and four to six weeks follow-up visit will be scheduled.

Healing takes about three months. Although it may seem like a long process, our professional team here at Sean P Avera DDS Inc. strive to offer the best treatment for you and your teeth, easing any discomfort you may have. Call us at 530-885-0953 to set up an appointment with Dr. Sean P Avera and his professionals today here in Auburn, California.

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