Long Term Periodontitis Can Cause the Loss of Multiple Teeth

If chronic gingivitis problems are not treated in a reasonable amount of time, the latent inflammation in the periodontal tissues can worsen into the gum infection condition of periodontitis. As it continues to advance this severe state of gum disease can cause your periodontal tissues to recede from the base your teeth.

This can allow small pockets of infection to gradually accumulate near the roots of multiple teeth. It can even start to deplete the underlying bone structure leading to the loss of multiple teeth.

In some of these cases dental implants and implant supported dental bridges can replace the compromised teeth. However, this might require multiple oral surgeries to fully restore sufficient healthy bone structure to secure the titanium dental implants.

If you are uncomfortable with this level of invasive dental restoration Dr. Sean P Avera might recommend extracting whatever remains of the compromised teeth in preparation for a complete or partial denture. The artificial teeth will be set into a pink material that both acts as a base to marry it with the underlying gums, while also mimicking their appearance.

If you live in the Auburn, California, area and you have been dealing with complications from chronic periodontitis, you should call 530-885-0953 to explore the treatment and restoration options available at Sean P Avera DDS Inc..

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