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Bone Grafting & Regeneration

Regain your strong jaw bone structure and return to normal oral function with bone grafting. At Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, we can use bone grafting and regeneration to restore your jaw after bone loss. Whether your jaw no longer securely holds your natural teeth, or you need to build a stronger base for a […]

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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Get a more aesthetic smile with our cosmetic periodontal surgery options. At Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, we offer a variety of periodontal services to ensure that your gums are healthy and your smile is beautiful. For our dental patients in Auburn and Grass Valley, CA, we strive to raise awareness about the importance of

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Crown Lengthening

Correct your gummy smile with our crown lengthening procedure. Feel comfortable and confident in your smile with the help of the specialists at Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS. You don’t have to live with a smile you’re unhappy with. Excess gum tissue may be causing what is commonly known as a gummy smile, giving you

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Dental Implants

Dental implants restore your smile to its total health and beauty by replacing one or more missing teeth. At Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, we use dental implants to provide a permanent restoration for missing or extracted teeth. Our patients who are missing one or more teeth often benefit from the placement of dental implants.

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Gum Grafting

With gum grafting, we can reverse the effects of gum recession and restore your smile. Thanks to gum grafting, the Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, team can balance your gum line and ensure that your smile is maintained at optimal health. At our Auburn and Grass Valley, CA, periodontal practice, gum grafting is one of

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Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery helps protect your teeth from damage caused by gum disease. When standard periodontal treatments aren’t enough, the Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, team may recommend osseous surgery. At our Auburn and Grass Valley, CA, periodontal office, we provide a variety of services to treat gum disease at all stages. Our team may recommend

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Ridge Preservation

Ensure your gums and jaw maintain their shape, even after tooth loss, with ridge preservation. The team at Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, uses ridge preservation to keep the natural shape of your gums and jaw when bone loss has set in. Visit our Auburn and Grass Valley, CA, periodontist to get your mouth back

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Scaling & Root Planing

We use scaling and root planing to treat the early stages of gum disease. Achieve healing from gum disease with the scaling and root planing procedure from our Auburn and Grass Valley, CA, dental team. With scaling and root planing, the team at Sean P. Avera, DDS, MS, is able to treat gum disease within

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